Key Topics

  ECPE Key Topics Illustration Copyright: ECPE


The “System” key topic is concerned with the systemic interaction of the following areas: energy resources; energy and material conversion; infrastructures, including storage; and efficient utilization. The necessarily interdisciplinary analyses of such systems have a focus on technological and economic criteria, but also include social-scientific aspects.

Energy Resources

Apart from focusing on fossil energy sources, the key topic “Energy Resources” is concerned with geothermal energy, geological storage sites, and the efficient production of biomass as a source of energy.


In Germany, the so-called “green energy transformation” (“Energiewende”) is well underway, a process which requires the restructuring and expansion of today’s energy grids. Apart from offshore wind farms at the coastlines of Europe as well as photovoltaic [and solar power] stations in Southern Europe, decentralized medium-sized combined heat and power plants will be the dominant form of power generation in the future. A large percentage of the generation and storage systems will be directly connected to the distribution networks. Furthermore, the storage of energy through its conversion into hydrogen and/or methane has the potential to provide a solution to the problem of fluctuations in network performance.

Material Conversion – Generation & Storage

The key topic “Material Conversion – Generation and Storage“ investigates aspects of material conversion, chemical energy conversion and storage, and the transformation of energy into liquid and gaseous chemical substances, taking into account energy reconversion methods and methods to generate energy from such storage media using combustion engines.

Energy Conversion – Generation & Storage

The key area “Energy Conversion – Generation and Storage” is concerned with the provision and generation of different energy forms, with a focus on electrical energy.

Energy Conversion – Consumption

The “Energy Conversion – Consumption” key area comprises activities for the final use of energy in stationary (household, industry) and mobile applications.