Elucidating the mechanism of the CO2 methanation reaction over Ni–Fe hydrotalcite-derived catalysts via surface-sensitive in situ XPS and NEXAFS

Cambridge / RSC Publ. (2020) [Journal Article]

Physical chemistry, chemical physics : PCCP
Volume: 22
Issue: 34
Page(s): 18788-18797


Selected Authors

Giorgianni, Gianfranco
Asmelash, Chalachew Mebrahtu
Schuster, Manfred Erwin
Large, Alexander Ian
Held, Georg

Other Authors

Ferrer, Pilar
Venturini, Federica
Grinter, David
Palkovits, Regina
Perathoner, Siglinda
Centi, Gabriele
Abate, Salvatore
Arrigo, Rosa