Bimetallische geträgerte Katalysatoren und deren Nutzung in der hydrolytischen Hydrierung celluloseartiger Materialien

Aachen (2017) [Dissertation / PhD Thesis]

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The author examines the catalytic activity of bimetallic supported catalysts in the hydrodeoxygenation reaction of cellulosic materials and discusses possible bimetallic effects. The synthesized catalysts cover three distinct groups: first, Ru-based and doped carbon catalysts, second Cu- or Ni-based catalysts supported on alumina and third bimetallic Cu-Ni-alumina catalysts. Yields of up to 96% of hexitols at full conversion of cellobiose have been achieved with these systems.



Oltmanns, Jens Uwe


Palkovits, Regina
Rüping, Magnus Albert


  • REPORT NUMBER: RWTH-2017-05604