New control strategy of integrated DeNOX system with NOX storage catalyst and SCR on filter at a close-coupled position in a diesel passenger car

Aachen / Aachener Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GbR (2017) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

26. Aachener Kolloquium Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik 2017 : October 9th-11th, 2017 Eurogress Aachen, Germany = 26th Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology 2017 / scientific management: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Eckstein, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger; organizational management: Benedikt Hammermüller, M.SC., Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Wolsfeld ; ika, Institute for Automotive Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, vka, Institute for Combustion Engines, RWTH Aachen University. - 1
Page(s): 395-410


Selected Authors

Park, Jin-Woo
Joo, Ki-Hyung
Lee, Myung-Jong
Lee, Sang-Min
Seo, Jung-Min

Other Authors

Robb, Lynzi
Kansy, Waldemar
Wittka, Thomas
Muthukaruppan, Arun Palaniappan


  • REPORT NUMBER: RWTH-2017-10338