Development of a model for predicting the knock boundary in consideration of cooled exhaust gas recirculation at full load

Cham, Switzerland / Springer International Publishing (2017, 2018) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

Knocking in Gasoline Engines : 5th International Conference, December 12-13, 2017, Berlin, Germany / Michael Günther, Marc Sens, Editors
Page(s): 143-185


Selected Authors

Fandakov, Alexander
Grill, Michael
Bargende, Michael
Mally, Max Paul
Günther, Marco

Other Authors

Pischinger, Stefan
Cai, Liming
Pitsch, Heinz
Heufer, Karl Alexander
Ramalingam, Ajoy Kumar
Minwegen, Heiko
Kulzer, Andre Casal