Switched reluctance generator for range extender applications : Design, control and evaluation

Aachen / ISEA (2018, 2019) [Book, Dissertation / PhD Thesis]

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Range Extender with a combustion engine and a generator offer a high energy density to electrify vehicles. To be competitive, Range Extender need to be cost effective, compact and very reliable, thus the switched reluctance generator is one potential solution. To assess the switched reluctance generator technology, two speed scenarios are considered and analyzed in this work. A new design approach is introduced to compare a vast number of potential machine configurations in a very short time. The machine performance is then analyzed with the help of simulation results and prototype measurements. From the analysis, a recommendation on the most suitable machine configuration is derived. Finally, the influence of the control parameter and power variation on the machine efficiency and the acoustic behavior is analyzed. The work offers guidance in the choice of an appropriate switched reluctance generator configuration as well as its operational speed for Range Extender applications.



Burkhart, Bernhard


de Doncker, Rik W.
Mecrow, Barrie C.


  • REPORT NUMBER: RWTH-2019-00025